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    ?Customer Support

    Thank you for your interest in MDA’s Geospatial Services. We are committed to provide the best information and support to help you select the product and services that best fit your needs. 

    For inquiries, please choose from the following markets:

    Satellite Imagery and General Customer Support


    Tel: 604-244-0400

    Toll-free: 1-888-780-6444

    Civil Customer Support


    MDA provides geospatial information products and services to all levels of civilian government and to a diverse set of commercial organizations to meet a broad range of application needs.

    Defence and Security Customer Support


    MDA provides geospatial intelligence products and services to the Defence and Intelligence communities.

    Energy Customer Support


    MDA provides essential information services to the global oil and gas community and other energy producers. MDA supports Production, Exploration, Transportation, and Health/Safety/Environmental (HSE) needs. 

    Becoming a RADARSAT-2 Distributor

    If you are interested in becoming a RADARSAT-2 distributor, please contact MDA at: mdagsipartners@www.dangdiao.net.cn