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    MDA delivers geospatial products and services that provide operational information to key decision makers across a range of customer applications, for specific markets. With more than 20 years of experience in delivering geospatial products and services to customers, MDA is the right choice when your business needs geospatial products and services.

    MDA has proven solutions for a range of markets:

    AGRICULTURE: Satellite data to accurately quantify crop information

    MDA has developed algorithms and procedures that integrate data from a variety of reliable accurate sources that include radar and optical satellites, to produce scalable agriculture information products. 
    AVIATION: Multi-source data for enhanced flight safety and operational efficiency

    MDA applies an optimized combination of satellite, terrestrial, and aerial collection techniques to provide airport builders, operators, users, and regulators with accurate geospatial data at and around existing and planned airports to ensure regulatory compliance and safe operations. 

    DEFENCE AND SECURITY: Geospatial intelligence to support global monitoring

    MDA's cost-effective RADARSAT solutions and proprietary products and services enable routine global monitoring of the world's lands and oceans, providing complete land and maritime defence and security solutions.

    DISASTER MANAGEMENT: RADARSAT missions support disaster assessment

    SAR satellites are excellent resources for operational use in a variety of disaster management scenarios as a result of the ability to collect imagery independent of darkness or inclement atmospheric conditions.

    MINING: Safer, more efficient mining operations

    MDA products and services monitor the rate of subsidence for underground operations, tailings settlements, pit wall integrity, sinkholes, and the stability of the infrastructures around mine sites.

    NATURAL RESOURCES: Cost-effective coverage of areas of interest anywhere on Earth

    Wide area monitoring of natural resources using RADARSAT provides nations with the ability to tactically monitor extended geographies to protect national interests.

    OIL AND GAS: Advanced information solutions that optimize operations

    For more than 40 years, MDA has been providing the international oil and gas industry with advanced information solutions that optimize operations, support environmental compliance, and improve profitability of upstream and midstream applications.

    URBAN MONITORING: Dependable, cost-effect monitoring

    MDA uses Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) as a complementary technology to make traditional surface monitoring techniques more efficient.