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    Wide area monitoring of agriculture regions using RADARSAT provides nations with the ability to monitor extended geographies to protect national interests. 

    Agriculture Romania

    MDA’s scalable agriculture information products deliver crop information required by end users from individual farmers, to multinational companies and government agencies. MDA uses radar and optical satellite data to accurately quantify crop information to deliver meaningful information products to commercial and government customers around the world.

    MDA has developed algorithms and procedures that integrate data from a variety of reliable accurate sources that include radar and optical satellites, to produce scalable agriculture information products. These products are designed for interpretation within the agriculture sector, interoperable across many software visualization and analysis platforms, and delivered in a timely manner. MDA’s engineers, scientists, and domain experts deliver common crop information products, and are available to work with customers on the development of custom products required for specific requirements.

    Deliver Improved Classification Accuracy

    RADARSAT-2 is the only commercial SAR mission that offers operational quad-polarized SAR data. Quad-polarized data offers improved classification accuracy versus dual- and single-polarized data.

    Monitor Agriculture on a National-scale

    RADARSAT-2’s huge collection capability, coupled with MDA’s responsive Mission Planning and Customer Service teams enable the effective creation of national-scale programs to monitor agricultural production.

    Rely on Proven, Operational Rice Monitoring Capability

    RADARSAT-2 imagery is used operationally by many government organizations to monitor rice crop production. RADARSAT-2 SAR imagery has a long track record of delivering reliable, consistent results.

    CROP MONITORING: Accurate crop classification and identify forecast yield

    crop monitoringMDA delivers crop monitoring solutions with the ability to do accurate crop classification and identify forecast crop yield, enabling governments at all levels to establish food security critical to the health and economy of a nation. RADARSAT is a vital tool that collects all-weather crop status information and is sensitive to soil moisture. The quad-polarization data offers superior crop identification capabilities which are used to create valuable crop yield forecasts based on accurate acreage estimations. MDA’s crop monitoring capabilities allow for the mapping of crop characteristics over large spatial areas, with full weather independence.

    RICE MONITORING: Broad area rice crop production monitoring

    rice monitoringFor large parts of the world, rice is the single most important crop. The ability to monitor rice production is a critical role for agricultural agencies. MDA has developed highly reliable solutions for monitoring rice crop production with a focus on yield and classification. RADARSAT-2’s high resolution, dual and quad-polarized data provides significantly higher classification accuracy versus single-polarized data, and more reliable results than is provided by other sensors. Through routine monitoring, data is acquired in the early part of the cropping cycle and supplemented with four to five acquisitions throughout the season. Reliable crop classification results are used to compare the radar response with field measurements of yield to provide an estimation of rice crop yield.

    For sample Agriculture images, visit the Image Gallery

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