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    Land Intelligence? Products

    MDA Land Intelligence products are invaluable to commanders at tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

    Land Intelligence Products

    A team of military-trained image analysts and experienced software engineers integrate electro-optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery with open source and social media information to provide actionable intelligence products to senior decision makers and the warfighter. These products are particularly useful in areas of international concern, such as arms control, non-proliferation, and monitoring weapons of mass destruction sites.

    As the operator of RADARSAT-2, MDA enables persistent monitoring with all weather, broad area, global surveillance. In addition to space-based imagery, MDA has developed the following geospatial intelligence products:

    Change Classification Products - 
    MDA processes multiple SAR or optical satellite image acquisitions with specialized software to identify and classify changes, resulting in an intuitive colour-coded image product.

    Human Activity Product - 
    Applying the technique of Coherent Change Detection enables the detection of minute changes in the ground reflectivity, indicating potential areas of human activity (e.g., detecting routes of vehicle traffic).

    Ground Deformation Product - 
    Employing SAR Interferometry to detect and measure millimetre-level changes in surface movement provides highly-accurate assessments of ground stability, and to indicate potential underground activity.

    Ground Cover Change Products - ?SAR imagery collected with multiple polarizations is used to classify ground cover and can distinguish small changes such as the addition of man-made construction.

    Digital Elevation Models - 
    ?SAR or electro-optical satellite imagery can be processed to generate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to provide accurate models over inaccessible or denied regions.

    Wide-Area Monitoring

    Independent of Weather or Light Conditions

    Flexible, Versatile, and Customizable

    Unclassified Information Enables Information Sharing Between Agencies and Governments