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    InSAR - Production and Extraction

    MDA delivers a suite of information products that include Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) analysis to detect and measure surface movement, surface change detection, vegetation monitoring, and weather services.

    MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring services provide enhanced geotechnical risk hazard assessment with ongoing surveillance to identify areas of surface movement. Identifying these areas assists in site production optimization and helps reduce risks from mining related activities.

    InSAR image showing full mine site coverage with a focus on open pit and tailings storage facility (TSF) ground movement

    MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring service delivers wide-area ground movement information derived from satellite radar images. Our propriety Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processing techniques are capable of detecting and accurately locating surface movement to millimeter level accuracy. MDA’s InSAR products enable operators to understand how mining operations impact the ground surface, and are used to better target the deployment of on-site geotechnical resources. This strategic view of movement across the site allows for early warning of critical movement without the need for people or in-situ tools to cover the entire mine site.

    Information from MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring programs are integrated with other geotechnical data and modeling results to assist mining decision makers in their development of safe and efficient mineral extraction. For operating mines, this information is used to support geotechnical activity on the site. For mines in closure or legacy phases, satellite based Surface Asset Monitoring – both radar and optical – allows operators to maintain a site-wide view of geotechnical risks while minimizing the need for on-site teams.

    Full Mine Site Coverage

    MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring provides early warning of ground movement across the mine site, allowing operators to target site resources (e.g., ground-based radar, geotechnical team, survey crews, etc.) ?in a more cost effective manner.

    Life of Mine Support

    MDA’s satellite monitoring services provide valuable information and can reduce operating costs from site construction through to mine closure and legacy mine status.

    Regulatory Compliance

    MDA’s InSAR solution is recognized as a best practice method for monitoring ground movement. InSAR is a well-accepted monitoring method by many regulators where surface movement monitoring and reporting are mandatory requirements.

    Protecting Infrastructure and People

    MDA’s InSAR Surface Asset Monitoring allows mine operators to better understand the impact of their mining operation on existing infrastructure. Surface deformation measurements provide mine operators with routine strategic information to make better informed decisions to minimize surface movement or implement other mitigation routes to protect their infrastructure and maintain safe work environments.

    Improved Geo-Mechanical Models

    MDA provides precision subsidence measurements which allow clients to calibrate numerical modeling. By comparing the geomechanical model’s predicted surface deformation with MDA’s InSAR measured surface movement, the model can be calibrated and its forecasting ability is thereby improved.

    Risk Mitigation

    Regular monitoring provides detailed, wide-area uplift and subsidence information to help provide early warning of potential problems. Early warning to implement mitigation plans can reduce risk of costly equipment damage or production shutdown and risks to human safety.