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    Products and Services

    MDA delivers geospatial products and services that provide operational information to key decision makers across a range of customer applications.

    For customers who need reliable access to Earth observation data, MDA offers a range of SAR and optical satellite data for both end users and solution providers. From single images to downlink telemetry and satellite access services, MDA delivers the right solution.

    MDA's complete range of geospatial services, includes elevation modeling, InSAR and mapping capabilities. For customers who need to increase their own geospatial capabilities, MDA offers a complete range of training that can be delivered either at MDA's facilities, or at a customer location.

    Value added services from MDA are designed to provide operation information to decision makers across a broad range of market areas, including agriculture, aviation, defence and security, disaster management, mining, natural resourcesoil and gas, and urban monitoring.

    To better understand how MDA’s products and services can help your business, more complete descriptions of our market-oriented solutions are available here.?

    The costs for all RADARSAT-2 Programming Services are detailed in our complete RADARSAT-2 Pricing Information.


    MDA provides data, information products and services from many of the commercially available high-resolution radar and optical satellites. 

    MDA provides RADARSAT-2 telemetry to regional ground system customers globally. Ground system customers benefit from near real time access to RADARSAT imagery.


    MDA is recognized for its ability to rapidly produce very large area Digital Elevation Models across the range of resolutions and accuracies required for local, regional, and national applications.


    RADARSAT-2 provides an ideal source of data to provide high-accuracy InSAR-based measurements of surface movement. This information is critical for protecting valuable infrastructure.


    MDA provides highly-accurate mapping products to a wide range of government and non-government agencies.


    MDA provides satellite access services and antenna hosting options at the Inuvik Satellite Station Facility in Canada's high Arctic.