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    RADARSAT-2 Telemetry

    For customers that require large volumes of data, MDA offers the ability to enter into a telemetry agreement for annual commitments of data at reduced rates. Telemetry customers become part of MDA’s partner network, and operate a RADARSAT-2 Ground System, delivering secure, rapid access to RADARSAT-2 SAR data.

    RADARSAT-2 Stations

    MDA operates the largest global network of ground receiving stations of any SAR mission. These RADARSAT Network Stations provide the fastest access to SAR data and give Network Station operators expanded control and privacy over their data. RADARSAT-2 Network Stations build on the very successful RADARSAT-1 Network Station program and the systems are the latest progression of MDA’s 30-year evolution of multi-sensor ground stations.

    For additional information on the RADARSAT-2 Satellite, including mission characteristics, and data pricing and availability, please visit this link.


    Direct Downlink Access from RADARSAT-2 Enables Near Real-time Processing and Services
    Local Control Over Product Processing into Formats that Support Your Business Requirements
    Secure Environment for Customer Imagery
    Direct Order Placement to the Order Desk
    Committed Volume at Discounted Rates