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    Distribution Rights : Canada

    See the world more clearly. And in new ways.


    WorldView-3 enhances DigitalGlobe’s industry-leading constellation with the addition of 8 high-resolution SWIR bands as well as the 12 bands of CAVIS. With these additions, WorldView-3 is able to provide customers with dramatically more information in every image collected.

    • WorldView-3's 31 cm resolution, makes it the highest resolution commercial satellite in the world
    • SWIR – Short-Wave Infrared bands add spectral coverage to the invisible range
    • CAVIS – the CAVIS instrument brings an unprecedented level of consistency in data, paving the way to standardization of satellite imagery
    SATELLITE DESCRIPTION WorldView-3 is the highest resolution multispectral commercial satellite.
    PRIMARY MISSION  Very high resolution land imagery
    INSTRUMENT TYPE Very high resolution optical
    Multispectral; 9-channel VIS/NIR radiometer with one panchromatic channel and 8 multi-spectral
    REVISIT TIME 1.0 days
    RESOLUTION CLASS  Very high resolution: 0.31 m (panchromatic), 1.24 m (multispectral), 3.7 m (SWIR). Available commercially at 7.5 m.
    SWATH WIDTH  13.1 km
    COVERAGE PER CYCLE Global coverage in six months
    LAUNCH DATE  2014-08-13
    ORBIT Sun-synchronous orbit
    ALTITUDE  617 km
    SENSOR SPECIFICATIONS  Panchromatic: ?445 - 808 nm
    8 Multispectral:
      Coastal: ?397 - 454 nm
      Blue: ?445 - 519 nm
      Green: ?507 - 586 nm
      Yellow: ?580 - 629 nm
      Red: ?626 - 696 nm
      Red Edge: ?698 - 749 nm
      Near-IR1: ?765 - 899 nm
      Near-IR2: ?859 - 1039 nm
    Dynamic Range 11 Bit for panchromatic and multispectral; 14 bit for SWIR. 
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    DigitalGlobe Internal Use License AgreementPDF129.63 KB
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    WorldView-3 Data SheetPDF835.36 KB
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